New: “Live” Version of Clarify for Students

Both Clarify for Students and Clarify for Graduates are available as  half-day workshops.

Specifically designed for college students, recent graduates or those seeking second careers, the workshop version aims to take the stress out of the college or career decision process.

Through brief presentations, interactive exercises, and group discussions, participants identify decision criteria, share and get feedback on their decision dilemma, and leave the workshop with a clear sense of the school that’s their leading contender or the important next step in their career.

Fast-moving and fun, the “live” version is available as a half or full-day workshop.

Contact us for more information or to discuss bring Clarify to your school.

Game of Games Goes “Private”

As of September 3, 2012, we’ll no longer be running public games.

This means I’ll be running games for individual or organizational clients only.

It’s a tough decision, as it’s been a lot of fun running public games, where people from all over the globe a show up to play, coming with different agendas, and from  different time zones.

But I’ve decided that this way I can devote less of my time to marketing and more to providing great service.

If you’d like to explore using one of our games either for yourself or for your organization, please give me a shout or send me email.



Importance of Play

Stewart Brown talks about the importance of play — no matter how old you are: