Are you…

  • In your senior year in high school, but confused about where to go to college?
  • In your sophomore year in college, but still undecided about a major?
  • getting ready to graduate, but with no clue about your next move?
  • a parent of any of the above?

Then play Clarify for Students — the mini-game that helps you Clarify your goals.

Here’s what you get from playing Clarify:

  • A structured process for transforming your confusion into clarity
  • A supportive community motivated to help you succeed
  • A support system that continues after the game


Here’s what you’ll need to play:

  • A school-related issue you’d like to resolve
  • The willingness to help others clarify their goal, while you work on your own
  • Motivation to clarify your goal

Learn more about how Clarify is Played.

The web version is limited to eight students, while the live, workshop version can be played with up to 20 students.

Send us a note if you’d like more information about either.