What Others Are Saying About Clarify and the Game of Games

“Playing Clarify took me outside of myself and made me realize that the goal that I had clung to and thought was so obvious and clear was in fact muddled. I felt very supported but also challenged at the same time. The other players’ questions shed new perspectives on my goal which helped me realize some possible reasons why I had troubles achieving my goal in the past.”

— Bonnie Johnson, writer

“For me, Clarify was a chance to hang out with a group of high quality people, engaged in the passionate pursuit of helping each other — and me! — succeed. I ended up getting quite a lot from playing — a range of unexpected insights and strategies for helping me achieve my goal.”

— Adriano Sverko, filmmaker

“Clarity is a very elegant and fun way to brainstorm your goals, set your goals, commit to your goals, and get feedback from like-minded people. It is more than a game, in the sense that it nudges you to go to the next level, and the next, until you finally commit to executing your goals, that in the process, crystallizes your goals to the level where you transcend your goals and become transformed.”

— Ginny Guitierrez, entrepreneur

“The Game of Games is a wheel, cycles within cycles, so simple that it lends depth, so open that it can be taken anywhere, so circular that it lends closure at the right time. I was humbled and honored to be chosen as one of the players in the inaugural game…

“By interacting with others, you get to see how they work with their goals. You get fresh ideas and input from other players. Your fellow game players pose difficult questions, lend support, ask for your help, and more. One of the more remarkable experiences for me was the way in which it allowed me to get to know people whom I’ve never met quickly and deeply, to form bonds and a community, and to become more clear on what I could offer to others…;

“It is simply amazing how much growth, learning and interaction can be packed into ten weeks.”

— Ed Jewett, writer and emergency management consultant