The way Clarify works is this:

  • You enter into the virtual Game space, declare who you are and the goal you’d like clarified
  • While you’re doing this, all other players are doing the same
  • Game players post open-ended questions aimed at helping you clarify your goal
  • The questions come to you in your e-mail and at the same time are posted on an internet discussion board, so that you and all the other players can see them
  • You answer the ones you want, while asking questions of others about their goals. The whole process gets you involved in conversations. It takes most players about three hours over three days to play the game
  • Towards the end of the process, you are challenged to take the feedback you’ve received and translate it into a reformulated goal and a simple plan that articulates your next steps
  • On the last day, everyone votes for the player whose goal they consider the most clearly articulated
  • The winner gets a prize – a $25 gift card OR a 25% discount on participation in the full 10-week Game of Games.
  • The game ends with a final optional teleconference during which the winner is declared and each player has an opportunity to declare their goal and the next step they’ll take.

1This description refers to the web-based version of Clarify only. The live, workshop version is different.