• Are you in your senior year in high school, but confused about where to go to college?
  • Or getting ready to graduate, but with no clue about your next move?
  • Or a graduate student ready to step out into the world, but a bit unclear as to what direction to choose?
  • Or a parent of any of the above?


Then play Clarify — the mini-game that helps you Clarify your goals.

Here’s what you get from playing Clarify:

  • A structured process for transforming your confusion into clarity
  • A competitive framework to keep you on track
  • A supportive community motivated to help you succeed
  • A support system that continues after the game


Here’s what you’ll need to play:

  • A school-related issue you’d like to resolve
  • The willingness to help others clarify their goal, while you work on your own
  • Motivation to clarify your goal


Clarify for Students is held during the fall and is offered as both as an internet and web version and as a live workshopWrite or call us to arrange to have Clarify played at your school.

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Learn How the Game is Played.