The Game of Games is a ten-week “virtual” challenge that begins with individuals choosing goals or areas they wish to explore in their life. As players play the game, they also help others pursue their objectives (which may be radically different from their own). The game is facilitated by a non-player, whose role is to challenge the players to pursue their goals, enforce the rules of the game and provide activities to help players reach their goals.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is twofold: to achieve progress towards your individual goal and to amass the highest total of game points.

Number of Players

Up to 8 players can play the game at once. The game is facilitated by 1-3 non-playing facilitators.

How to Play

Players prepare to play the game by identifying their game goal and preparing to share it with fellow players. The players share their game goal by declaring it on custom web-based game site. After all game intents are posted, players meet on a conference call and the game officially begins.

The facilitator begins by explaining the rules of the game and welcoming the players. During each game call, players “play” an activity aimed at helping all or some the players advance towards the fulfillment of the game intents. Towards the conclusion of the call, the facilitator suggests additional activities that players can complete prior to the next call. Players then post their progress on a web-based game site.

During subsequent weeks calls, players discuss their process, play a game activity and are introduced to an off-line activity or series of activities. Game tallies are due by 48 hours after each call. Results are posted on the game scoreboard.


In the beginning of the game, players decide on criteria for keeping score and measuring individual progress and game skill. Although decided on by concensus, game skill and progress are measured multiple ways, such as profiency in achievement, creativity, skill at helping others, and success at making the game fun.

Scores on multiple categories are awarded through player voting and by the facilitor. They must be cast within 48 hours after each game call and are posted on the game scoreboard.


During the course of the game, players each week who amass the highest and next highest point totals and players who receive the most votes in all agreed upon categories go into a pool to determine which of the “winners” shall draw Wildcards.

Wildcards reward players with benefits, premiums, and penalties. Examples: two sessions of free coaching, a round robin appraisal forum to be held during a game call, gift certificate for books or other media, additional points, “opportunity” to help another player with a particular phase of game intent, etc. Winners of wildcards will be announced during each game call.

Game Activities
There are two types of game activities, those that are played by all players and those that are individually selected. Activities are archived on this website and may be accessed by all players.

Game Awards

The players who score the most points win game prizes. Types of prizes will be posted by the facilitator before the start of the game.

Facilitator’s Role

The facilitator’s role is to challenge the players to complete their goals. He or she must also preserve the scoreboard and tally results, facilitate the weekly calls, help players progress through the levels, and resolving any disputes.