Do you have a goal or project you want to pursue but for whatever reason just haven’t done it?

Maybe you’ve been busy with your day job, haven’t had the right structure, or just have made other things more important than the thing you want most.

Play the Jump Start Game, the interactive six-week challenge that sets you up for business success. The Jump-Start Game helps you achieve with the help of a group of peer advisors, each of whom are working to build businesses of their own.

During the six weeks of the Jump Start Game, you and a team of peer advisors will put into place the five critical ingredients you’ll need to create and sustain a profitable business.

  • You’ll begin by doing a reality check to ensure that your project or goal is commercially viable, and if you have the necessary drive, passion and motivation to succeed
  • You’ll  put in place the right structure to support the growth of your project. This includes the most appropriate business structure, advisory group, and network of supportive relationships.
  • You’ll develop a plan to finance your business, whether you’re bootstrapping it yourself, asking friends and family for support, or approaching angels or institutional investors. You create a mini business plan that charts out your goals and your plans for achieving them
  • You’ll develop a plan to market your services, using low-cost strategies and social networking. You’ll use your peer network to help you fine tune both your business and marketing plans.
  • You’ll extend and activate your network, and build mutually beneficial win-win relationships. You’ll learn how to use your network to find critical information, raise your business profile,  and find new customers.

  • We’ll spend each week of the jump-start game working one-by-one on these critical ingredients. We guarantee by the end of the game you’ll have the confidence and skills you’ll need to succeed. If you feel we haven’t done so, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked.