Do you have an ambition or aspiration you’d like to pursue, but could use some support to make it happen?

Maybe it’s an entrepreneurial idea that’s been haunting you since childhood. Or an inspiration that came to you during a dream. Or a project you’ve started, but for whatever reason have yet to complete.

Here’s a chance to move forward or to take your project from startup through implementation. And to do so in a fun way with the help of a supportive community.

  • Just getting started? Play Clarify, the virtual game that helps you get clear about what you really want and starts you on a course to getting there.
  • Keen to translate entrepreneurial dreams into reality? Play the Jump Start Game, the interactive six-week challenge that sets you up for business success.
  • Ready to really go for it? Play the Game of Games, the ten-week challenge that takes you start up through implementation.

Consider what you’ll get:

  • A supportive framework in which to complete your quest. Includes expert facilitators and a peer mastergroup dedicated both to your success and theirs.
  • Ongoing feedback on your goal or project. In addition to feedback during the course of the game, players of our longer games get a free mini-website to tell the world about what they’re doing.
  • A motivational platform, complete with rewards and prizes – just some gentle incentives to help you reach the next level of achievement.

Take the challenge.

Play the Game of Games.