If you have a great entrepreneurial idea but are a little light on business experience, you have a number of options:

  • You can spends thousands of dollars in business school or continuing education classes
  • You can go to Amazon.com or your local bookstore, read profiles on role models, and how to tomes on the nuts and bolts realities of running a business
  • You can find a mentor, who’ll help guide you as you seek to learn by trial and error
  • OR you can choose a more fun, experiential and collaborative approach to rolling up your sleeves and getting started.

If you are very much in the beginning stages, test our your idea by playing the Clarify Your Goals, three hour/three-day game.

If you’re ready to take six weeks to put in place the right structure to support the growth of your project or business, play the Jump Start Game — the interactive challenge that sets you up for business success.

Whatever your choice, you achieve results with the help of an expert facilitator and group of peer advisors, each of whom are working to build businesses of their own.